Our Club’s Vision


HK NFT Club is a group that shares info on trading & collecting NFTs. Provide News, Events and Drop on Non Fungible Tokens.

NFT related news, chat or gossip related topic only
No commercial pitching without admin OK
Be Courteous and Polite
Educate and share knowledge on NFT tech issues
News and Views should not be taken as financial advice
Each member should bear own responsibility for actions they take

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographically unique tokens that are linked to digital (and sometimes physical) content, providing proof of ownership.

What are the use-cases for NFTs?

They have many use cases, including artwork, digital collectibles, music, and items in video games.

How do I learn more about NFTs?

Join the NFT Association of Hong Kong! We are currently the fastest growing NFT Club here in Hong Kong with members from all walks of life!